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Total monthly costs for foreign students in Germany still comparatively low

The costs of study, housing and living expenses have always been a decisive factor for many prospective international students when choosing a place to study abroad.
These become all the more important in times of pandemic and global inflation. Many international students and their families wonder whether or where they can still afford to study abroad.
Comparing the costs of different study destinations is not easy, as exchange rates change, tuition fees vary depending on the institution or study program, and housing costs also vary depending on individual needs and location.
This makes a 2022 analysis by real estate specialist Savills, cited by the ICEF Monitor*, all the more interesting, offering an interesting comparison of costs in twenty particularly popular target destinations for international students.

“Starthilfe Deutsch” supports talented refugees

The “Starthilfe Deutsch” project
With the beginning of the German courses in the new year, our project “Starthilfe Deutsch” started with the first scholarship holders. The aim of the project is to provide particularly talented young people who have had to flee their home countries with basic German language skills as quickly as possible and to prepare them intensively and in a qualified manner for follow-up measures.

The Deutschlandstipendium for foreign students

Scholarships for foreign students

For many foreign students, it is not easy to finance their studies in Germany. So you might be wondering if you can get a scholarship in Germany.

However, especially if you are a first-year student, the chances of getting a German scholarship are (very) poor, because your home country is responsible for funding so-called undergraduate studies.

German scholarships are usually only awarded to foreign students after they have completed their first university degree.

Poor knowledge of German important reason for dropping out of studies

Dropouts are a well-known problem for international students in Germany. As Times Higher Education has now reported, the results of a survey by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) confirm the assumption that poor knowledge of the German language is a major factor in the dropout of international students.

The Welcome Center Stuttgart

As you can already guess from the name, the Welcome Center Stuttgart is there to welcome people from abroad who are new to Stuttgart. And since most of our course participants are new to Stuttgart and the surrounding area, we would like to introduce the Welcome Center to you here.

But being welcomed here does not mean that you will be handed a bouquet of flowers or a glass of champagne there. ;)