Information about the German courses at Deutschkolleg Stuttgart


Frequently Asked Questions about German Courses at Deutschkolleg Stuttgart

Here we try to answer frequently asked questions about our German language courses.

Please contact our language course office, if you do not find an answer to your questions here.


What is the price?

  • Price per intensive Course: 610 Euro/level. (Courses from 31.03.2022: 645 Euro/level; with fidelity rebate from the 4th booking:  630,- Euro/level
  • course material, certificate and confirmation of participation included

How long does the course last?

  • All German Courses at all levels last 6 weeks with 25 lessons per week =140 lessons (1 lesson = 45 minutes).

When does the next course start?

All courses at all levels begin and end at the same date and last 6 weeks. See: Dates and Prices

TestDaF-Training see: TestDaF-Training

What are the lesson hours?

Please notice our information about lesson hours in Corona times: German lessons in the Deutschkolleg in Corona times

  • in the morning: 9.00 Uhr – 13,15 Uhr
  • in the afternoon: 13.30 Uhr – 17.45 Uhr.

You will be informed about your lesson hours by our language course office. If you have any questions please vcontact us: Contact

Which is the right course for you?

We will find the correct course for you through our placement test and a personal consultation meeting.

More information on entrance exam see: Course Placement

If you have knowledge of German you can also check our German FAQ: German FAQ