German lessons in the Deutschkolleg in Corona times

A quick look back

Like all language schools and other educational institutions, the Deutschkolleg had to be closed completely for two months in March due to the Corona crisis.

The Deutschkolleg reacted immediately and comprehensively to the teaching ban. Thanks to modern technology such as video conferences, messaging services, digital teaching materials or email, we were able to teach all German courses completely online from one day to the next.

For both the course participants and the teachers, the switch to online tuition was not always easy, but after a short time everyone got used to the new forms of teaching surprisingly well.

Even if some aspects of good German lessons are definitely missing in virtual classrooms, we were able to offer the participants of the German College the best possible substitute for the face-to-face lessons.

The current situation

Since May 11, 2020, face-to-face classes in German courses have again been possible in Baden-Württemberg, taking strict security measures into account.

The Deutschkolleg has reacted to the easing of the ban on teaching as one of the very first language schools and has already started on May 13. face-to-face classes again.

However, health protection measures have various limitations. So for example, due to the distance regulation (1.50 meters between all participants and the teachers) depending on the size of the classroom, only a few participants are taught at the same time. Therefore, part of the German course must continue to take place online.

How is the class going at the moment?

Specifically, this means that the German course takes place two days a week as face-to-face classes in the classrooms of the Deutschkolleg and on three days online via video conference.

The online lessons via video conference like the classroom lessons take place at fixed times.

All written tasks are made available to the participants electronically and are processed independently by the participants at home. After transmission to the teachers, they are corrected and returned to the participants.

What’s next?

Unfortunately, at the moment nobody knows when the Corona crisis will  end , but you can be sure that the Deutschkolleg will continue to find the best opportunities for you to learn German and prepare for your studies or work in Germany.

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