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TestDaF Preparation in Deutschkolleg

Information about our preparation courses for the TestDaF examination can be found here:

TestDaF Training

TestDaf Examination in Deutschkolleg

Deutschkolleg Stuttgart is a licensed examination centre. The examination dates are set by the TestDaF Institute.

TestDaF takes place six times per year.

More information (in German language) about the TestDaF exam at Deutschkolleg you’ll find here: Downloads

See also:  TestDaF digital im Deutschkolleg (in German language)

Dates of the TestDaF Examination


12.03.2024 (paper based)
26.03.2024 (digital)
06.06.2024 (digital)
06.08.2024 (digital)
15.10.2024 (paper based)
12.11.2024 (digital)


11.03.2025 (paper based)
26.03.2025 (digital)
15.05.2025 (paper based)
16.07.2025 (paper based)
07.08.2025 (digital)
16.10.2025 (paper based)
13.11.2025 (digital)

Examination Fee

The fee for the TestDaF examination is currently 210 Euro.

How to Register

Your registration for the TestDaF exam follows three steps:

1. Please contact our language course office. Contact

2. You receive a TAN from us, with which you can register at the TestDaF online participant portal.

3. The examination fee (210 Euro) is to be paid to the TestDaF Institute to complete registration.

Please note the TestDaF Institute registration deadlines: TestDaF – Dates and Registration Deadlines

Your TestDaF result

You can see your result on the TestDaF participant portal approximately 4 weeks after the examination.

Since September 2020, the TestDaF Institute has only been issuing digital certificates. You can download and print out your TestDaF certificate on the TestDaF portal. Certificates will longer be sent to you as paper documents.

Further information about TestDaF

Further information about the TestDaF Examination can be found here:

TestDaF Factsheet

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