Information about TestDaF at Deutschkolleg Stuttgart


TestDaF Preparation in Deutschkolleg

Information about our preparation courses for the TestDaF examination can be found here:

TestDaF Training

TestDaf Examination in Deutschkolleg

Deutschkolleg Stuttgart is a licensed examination centre. The examination dates are set by the TestDaF Institute.

TestDaF takes place six times per year.

Dates of the TestDaF Examination


T103: 13.02.2020
T104: 22.04.2020
T105: 03.06.2020
T106: 22.07.2020
T107: 10.09.2020
T108: 10.11.2020


T109: 09.02.2021
T110: 20.04.2021
T111: 08.06.2021
T112: 15.07.2021
T113: 09.09.2021
T114: 09.11.2021

Examination Fee

The fee for the TestDaF examination is currently 195 Euro.

How to Register

Your registration for the TestDaF exam follows three steps:

1. Please contact our language course office. Contact

2. The examination fee (195 Euro) is to be paid in cash at Deutschkolleg Stuttgart.

2. You then receive a TAN from us, with which you can register at the TestDaF online participant portal.

Please note the TestDaF Institute registration deadlines: TestDaF – Dates and Registration Deadlines

Your TestDaF result

You can see your result on the TestDaF participant portal approximately 5 weeks after the examination.

Your certificate will be sent to you by Deutschkolleg Stuttgart approximately 6 weeks after the examination.

Further information about TestDaF

Further information about the TestDaF Examination can be found here:

TestDaF Factsheet