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TestDaF Factsheet

What is TestDaF?

TestDaF is a language examination for all those with good German language skills who would like their abilities tested.

To study in Germany, one must have sufficient proven language skills in order to obtain admission to a German university. This proof can be obtained through TestDaF.

TestDaF Results

TestDaF results are categorised in three levels: TestDaF Level 3 to 5 (TDN 3 – 5). TDN 5 is the highest level. Below Level 3 there is no differentiation.

The TestDaF Level required is set by each university independently.

TestDaF Components

TestDaF examines the four basic skills: speaking, listening, writing and reading.

Participants who have taken TestDaF receive a certificate listing results in all four skills.

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Detailed Information about TestDaF

More detailed information about TestDaF, sample examination papers, reading tips etc. can be found on the website of the TestDaf Institute: