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Is there a Studienkolleg in Stuttgart?

What is a Studienkolleg ?

The higher education entrance qualification of foreign applicants from certain countries is not recognized as an entrance qualification by German universities. For this reason, applicants from such countries must first take the so-called assessment test before starting their degree course.

These foreign students must attend a preparatory college to prepare for the assessment test in terms of language and subject knowledge. The Studienkolleg normally lasts one year. At the end of this year, the assessment test takes place. Students who have passed the assessment test can begin their studies at the university.

The assessment test consists of a German test and a subject-related part. The content of the subject-related part depends on the desired subject.

Is there a Studienkolleg in Stuttgart?

Stuttgart is the capital of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg and there are numerous universities and colleges in Stuttgart and the region. Many foreign applicants whose foreign university entrance qualifications are not recognized by German universities would also like to study at these universities. You might therefore assume that there is a Studienkolleg in Stuttgart for these applicants.

But if you search for a Studienkolleg Stuttgart, you will find that there is no Studienkolleg in Stuttgart at all. This is because there are only three Studienkollegs in Baden-Württemberg, namely in Heidelberg, Karlsruhe and Constance. This means that even if you want to study in Stuttgart, you will have to attend one of these three Studienkollegs if your foreign university entrance qualification is not recognized.

You will be told which of these three preparatory colleges you have to attend by the university at which you want to study. This means that you must first apply to a university, which will then send you to the appropriate preparatory college if it does not recognize your higher education entrance qualification.

Entrance exam for the Studienkolleg

Before you are accepted to a Studienkolleg, you first have to take an entrance exam. All Studienkollegs require you to take a German test. Some Studienkollegs also conduct tests in other subjects such as math or physics. In order to pass the German exam for the Studienkolleg, you usually need to have between 500 and 800 hours of German lessons, depending on the Studienkolleg.

Preparing for the Studienkolleg German exam

At Deutschkolleg Stuttgart, you can prepare for the Studienkolleg German exam in the best possible way. You will achieve the level of German required by the Studienkolleg by completing the B2.1 course with us. If you complete this course with us with a good result, then you also have a very good chance of passing the Studienkolleg entrance exam in the German section.