Gute Gründe für das Deutschlernen in Deutschland

Total monthly costs for foreign students in Germany still comparatively low

The costs of study, housing and living expenses have always been a decisive factor for many prospective international students when choosing a place to study abroad.

These become all the more important in times of pandemic and global inflation.  Many international students and their families wonder whether or where they can still afford to study abroad.

Comparing the costs of different study destinations is not easy, as exchange rates change, tuition fees vary depending on the institution or study program, and housing costs also vary depending on individual needs and location.

This makes a 2022 analysis by real estate specialist Savills, cited by the ICEF Monitor*, all the more interesting, offering an interesting comparison of costs in twenty particularly popular target destinations for international students.

It examined the total estimated monthly cost for a student enrolled in a STEM bachelor’s degree program and living in student housing.

New York vs. Berlin – $8000 vs. $1000/month.

Unsurprisingly, at the top of the cost rankings are the us cities of New York, San Francisco and Boston, where tuition alone accounts for over $85,000 per year, which adds up to a total cost of over $8,000 per month in New York.

The most expensive European city is London, where over $5,000 per month is still due. In contrast, comparatively low rents and, above all, low or non-existent tuition fees make some European cities particularly attractive for international students.

With total monthly costs of less than 1,000 euros, Berlin, representing Germany, comes in last place in this analysis. In this case, however, most international students would probably prefer the last place. .. ;)

Source: Measuring cost of study and cost of living across study destinations – ICEF Monitor – Market intelligence for international student recruitment

*ICEF (International Consultants for Education and Fairs) Monitor is a specialized information service for the international education industry.