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“Starthilfe Deutsch” supports particularly talented refugees

The “Starthilfe Deutsch” project

With the beginning of the German courses in the new year, our project “Starthilfe Deutsch” started with the first scholarship holders. The aim of the project is to provide particularly talented young people who have had to flee their home countries with basic German language skills as quickly as possible and to prepare them intensively and in a qualified manner for follow-up measures.

Who is the project aimed at?

“Starthilfe Deutsch” is aimed at young refugees who meet the personal and formal criteria to be accepted for funding under the guidelines of the University Guarantee Fund (RLGFH)/Otto Benecke Scholarship, the Integra Program of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), or comparable funding for gifted students after successfully completing the German B1 course level.

Funding by the Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Integration

The project is financed by the Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Integration from state funds approved by the Baden-Württemberg state parliament. Within this framework, the Ministry of Social Affairs is funding 26 model projects with a total of more than one million euros. “With the model projects, we are making language support possible in places where established offers are not effective,” said Minister of Social Affairs and Integration Manne Lucha in December in Stuttgart when the funding was announced. “It was important to us to also address current developments such as the war in Ukraine and to offer refugee students or first-year students a real perspective in Baden-Württemberg.” The total funding amount for the “Starthilfe Deutsch” project is 50,000 euros.

What is funded?

Participation in the German courses is free of charge for the sponsored refugees. Teaching materials are provided and travel expenses are reimbursed, provided that the sponsored persons reside in the Stuttgart region and no other funding is available. The maximum funding period is four and a half months for beginners with no prior knowledge of German. During this time, the course levels A1 to B1 of the Deutschkolleg must be completed. The duration of the course is reduced for students with previous knowledge. The sponsored students can be admitted to the courses of the Deutschkolleg at the beginning of the next course until the end of the project period or the available project funds have been used up.

Where can I apply for “Starthilfe Deutsch”?

Participants are selected with the support of the educational advisors at Arbeiterwohlfahrt (AWO) and InVia in Stuttgart or those responsible for awarding the follow-up scholarships. Refugees who are interested in the “Starthilfe Deutsch” project should contact the language course office of the Deutschkolleg Stuttgart or the advisors at AWO or In Via.

Contact person at the Deutschkolleg:

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„Starthilfe Deutsch“ is funded by

from state funds approved by the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg.