Information about the German courses level A2 at Deutschkolleg Stuttgart

The Deutschlandstipendium

Scholarships for foreign students

For many foreign students, it is not easy to finance their studies in Germany. So you might be wondering if you can get a scholarship in Germany.

However, especially if you are a first-year student, the chances of getting a German scholarship are (very) poor, because your home country is responsible for funding so-called undergraduate studies.

German scholarships are usually only awarded to foreign students after they have completed their first university degree (intermediate diploma/intermediate examination/bachelor’s degree/..).

There are exceptions, especially for foreign students with a special residence status in Germany, such as refugees or (recognized) asylum seekers. (See e.g. Starthilfe Deutsch – Deutschkolleg Stuttgart)

German scholarship for all foreign students

One of the few exceptions open to all foreign students is the so-called Deutschlandstipendium.

All foreign students can apply directly to their university for the Deutschlandstipendium, even if they are first-year students.


Requirements for the scholarship are on the one hand good performance at school or university, on the other hand you can also be supported if you have social commitment or if you can prove the successful overcoming of particular difficulties in your life (social background, illnesses, disabilities, etc.)

The scholarship

If your application is accepted, you will receive 300 euros per month, which will be paid by the German federal government and private sponsors (mostly companies).

You won’t be able to fully finance your studies in Germany with this, but 300 euros a month is definitely better than nothing.

The duration of the support from the Deutschlandstipendium is at least two semesters, but can be extended to the entire standard period of your study course if you continue to meet the requirements for the support. This is checked regularly.

The application

You can apply directly to your university, of course only if your university also offers the Deutschlandstipendium. On this map you can see whether your university is one of them:

Deutschlandstipendium: We’re participating – which universities offer the Deutschlandstipendium

In this map you can see e.g. that the Deutschlandstipendium is awarded at all major universities in Stuttgart and the surrounding area. These include the University of Stuttgart, University of Hohenheim, University of Applied Sciences, University of Media, University of Music and many others.

Unfortunately, there are no direct links on the map to the information from the respective university about the Deutschlandstipendium. So you have to make the effort to find them on the websites of the universities yourself. It’s not always easy, but it should probably be a first test of your special talent. ;)

The award

The award procedures are determined by the universities. The scholarships are advertised publicly at the university. The award usually runs through a so-called award committee.

Further information, also in English, can be found on the Deutschlandstipendium website: Deutschlandstipendium Website