Deutschkurse im Deutschkolleg Stuttgart

The Welcome Center Stuttgart

The Welcome Center Stuttgart

As you can already guess from the name, the Welcome Center Stuttgart is there to welcome people from abroad who are new to Stuttgart. And since most of our course participants are new to Stuttgart and the surrounding area, we would like to introduce the Welcome Center to you here.

But being welcomed here does not mean that you will be handed a bouquet of flowers or a glass of champagne there. ;) Rather, the Welcome Center would like to help you to find your way around in your new home as quickly as possible.

That’s why you can get there information, advice and help on topics such as the recognition of your school and professional qualifications, right of residence, the German health system, mobility, leisure activities, studying or learning German and much more.

Learning German and studying are of course also our topics at the Deutschkolleg, so I would like to briefly present to you here what the Welcome Center has to offer in terms of information on learning German and studying.

Information about learning German

To be honest, there is not a lot of information on the subject of learning German – at least if you want to study in Germany. Because almost all of the information relates to the so-called integration courses and other courses offered by the city of Stuttgart, none of which are aimed at students and would not be suitable for students either. You probably won’t get very far with the German for students page either.

However, the links to the website of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), which offers a lot of general information about studying and learning German, and to, where you can check which German skills you`ll need to have for your studying your subject at your university, are interesting choices.

At least if the university has made information available on – and even more importantly updated it. ;)

German for students

Information about studying

On the Studying in Stuttgart page you will find links on studying in Germany (and especially in Stuttgart), recognition of school and university degrees, visa application, health insurance, student jobs, housing and much more.

Unfortunately, there are only links to the universities that are located directly in City of Stuttgart. If you want to get an overview of the universities in the entire Stuttgart region, you can look here, for example: Universities in the Stuttgart region (only in German language). There are also some universities that are easy to reach from Stuttgart but are outside the Stuttgart region. You can find them here: Studying in Baden Württemberg.

It is also good to know that you can contact the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart about housing, but only if they are responsible for your university. But for example,  for the University of Stuttgart-Hohenheim the Studierendenwerk Tübingen is responsible.

The Welcome Center in the City Center

In my opinion, the good thing about the Welcome Center is not the website and the links you can find there, but that you can go to the Welcome Center and talk to real people there. A personal consultation can often help a lot more than visiting a website that may not be particularly understandable.

The Welcome Center is located very centrally between Charlottenplatz and Karlsplatz in downtown Stuttgart, not far from Schlossplatz and Königstraße.

The exact location, opening times and contact information can be found on the Welcome Center website: Welcome Center

The Student Welcome Club

The Student Welcome Club could be of interest to you, especially if you came to Stuttgart alone and have no or almost no contacts here.

The Student Welcome Club offers activities such as a quiz night, a language night or a culture night, where you have the opportunity to get to know other foreign and German students.

If you are interested in the Student Welcome Club, you can simply register by sending an email to the email address given here on the Welcome Center website: Student Welcome Club

The Welcome Centre of the University of Stuttgart

The Welcome Centre of the City of Stuttgart should not be confused with the Welcome Centre of the University of Stuttgart. The Welcome Centre of the University of Stuttgart is aimed at international doctoral students, post-doctoral students and professors, i.e. not students.

International students can get help and advice at the International Centre of the University of Stuttgart (IZ): IZ Uni Stuttgart – Counselling for International Student Applicants