40 Jahre Deutschkolleg

40 Years of  Deutschkolleg – Looking back ahead

From someone who has been at this for quite a while..

Looking back ..

In July of this year, Deutschkolleg celebrated its 40th anniversary.

40 years of Deutschkolleg means that the children of former participants are already attending German courses here.

40 years also means that today’s participants in our courses weren’t even born when the Deutschkolleg was founded. ;)

That is why it is probably difficult for our current participants to imagine what a German course may have looked like in 1982 with monochrome textbooks without photos, audio texts from the cassette recorder, without videos, computers, the Internet, social media, mobile phones, and, and, and, . .

And that’s why I don’t want to bore anyone with it. .. ;)

.. Looking forward

I find it much more interesting what hasn’t changed in 40 years – and (very likely) won’t change anytime soon.

Good knowledge of German is the key to success

The first thing that comes to mind is that then, as now, a (very) good knowledge of German is the best prerequisite for success in your studies and for a pleasant stay in Germany. From my point of view, the much more widespread English language hasn’t changed that in any significant way.

In contrast to 1982, you can certainly get by in Germany and also in your studies with more or less good knowledge of English.

But whether you want to consider a stay of several years in Germany, where you have acquired little or no knowledge of German, as a success is up to you.

Unique course offer

And although numerous new language schools have emerged in recent years as part of the large migration movements to Europe, nothing has changed in the fact that the Deutschkolleg with its courses especially for foreign university applicants, students and academics, has a more or less unique position, at least in the Stuttgart region.

With its range of courses, the Deutschkolleg enables its participants to quickly acquire a very good knowledge of German for their studies or work – together with other young, motivated and experienced course participants from all over the world.

Fair business and working conditions

It should also be mentioned that the Deutschkolleg not only assures its participants fair terms and conditions, but also, as one of the very few German course providers, has endeavored to offer its employees fair working conditions since the beginning.

In addition to those employed in management and administration, most of the teachers at the Deutschkolleg are now also permanently employed with the usual social benefits in Germany, such as health, pension and unemployment insurance, Christmas bonuses, etc. – which of course has an impact on the motivation of the teachers and in the quality of teaching.

German College and the Ecumenical Centre (ÖZ) at Stuttgart University Campus in  Vaihingen

Last but not least, the support of the university chaplains of the Protestant and Catholic Churches in the Ecumenical Center, on whose initiative the German College came about in the first place, is one of the most important constants of the German College.And of course the ÖZ itself, which makes many of our students feeling at home for the first time in a foreign country.