Poor knowledge of German important reason for dropping out of studies

Dropouts are a well-known problem for international students in Germany. As Times Higher Education has now reported, the results of a survey by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) confirm the assumption that poor knowledge of the German language is a major factor in the dropout of international students.

The Welcome Center Stuttgart

As you can already guess from the name, the Welcome Center Stuttgart is there to welcome people from abroad who are new to Stuttgart. And since most of our course participants are new to Stuttgart and the surrounding area, we would like to introduce the Welcome Center to you here.

But being welcomed here does not mean that you will be handed a bouquet of flowers or a glass of champagne there. ;)

40 Years of Deutschkolleg

In July of this year, Deutschkolleg celebrated its 40th anniversary.

40 years of Deutschkolleg means that the children of former participants are already attending German courses here.

40 years also means that today’s participants in our courses weren’t even born when the Deutschkolleg was founded. ;)

The right visa for your German course

Good to know: There are various visas for Germany that you can use for a language course in Germany. You can find out in this article which one might be right for you.

German Course Registration from Abroad

Many foreign students need a German course to improve their knowledge of German before they can start their studies in Germany. The fastest and best way to learn German is with a German course in Germany.

If you want to take part in a preparatory German course in Germany, you can apply for a language course visa. In order to get the visa, you have to register for a German course.

Here we explain step by step how easy it is to register for a German course at the Deutschkolleg, even if you are still abroad.

Deutschkolleg on Telegram and Signal

Dear participants,

The Deutschkolleg team is constantly trying to improve the availability of the Deutschkolleg so that we can respond to your requests and questions as quickly as possible.

This is why you can now find the Deutschkolleg on the popular messaging services Telegram and Signal under the name Deutschkolleg Stuttgart.

Of course, we are still there for you on the existing social media channels WhatsAPP and Facebook.

And don’t forget the phone and email. ;)

Here are all our contact options again:

Good Reason for Deutschkolleg Stuttgart

The close connection to the universities, the specialization in participants who are used to learning, the employment of permanent teachers and much more distinguish the Deutschkolleg from most other language schools that offer German courses. We have summarized the most important points for you here.

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