Why you should think about taking a German course in Germany

Good reasons for learning German in Germany

There are many good reasons for learning German in Germany. These are the most important for you:

It’s Faster

You learn German faster in Germany:

There are more courses on offer in Germany than in your home country. The Deutschkolleg intensive courses for all levels begin eight times per year.

After that you can join the next course level without a break. At Deutschkolleg, without previous knowledge, you will need about ten months to reach the level of the German certificate for third level. With previous knowledge of course, it will take less time.

Compare with your home country!

  • Wide range of courses
  • Frequent course starts
  • No break between the courses
  • To C1 level in 10 months without previous knowledge

It’s Easier

You learn German in Germany more easily:

In the early morning, even before the course starts, you hear German. After the course ends as well. In Germany you are immersed in German: you use the language learned immediately, and thus retain more.

Your fellow participants come from all over the world. For that reason German will quickly become your common language, in the classroom, in the breaks and during common activities.

Your Advantage:

  • You speak German from the beginning
  • Immediate use of language learned
  • Better language retention

It’s Cheaper

Learning German in Germany is cheaper:

Time is money. You will have to pay less to reach your goals if you learn quickly and effectively.

The German courses and life in Germany are surprisingly cheap compared to other countries.

Your advantage:

  • German courses and life in Germany are surprisingly cheap
  • In the end you pay less altogether

Tipp Tip:
Your later university studies in Germany are affordable and as a student you can enjoy advantages such as cheap lodgings in a student hostel, value for money food in the university canteen, or term tickets for local public transport.