Information about how to come to Deutschkolleg Stuttgart

About the Deutschkolleg

The Deutschkolleg was founded in 1982. Its main task is the linguistic preparation of foreign applicants and students for the language examinations which enable foreign applicants to gain admission to higher education in Germany.

The majority of the graduates of the Deutschkolleg aspire to study or obtain a post-doctoral degree at a German university or to work with their foreign university degree. Since its founding, more than ten thousand participants have attended the Deutschkolleg’s German courses.

The Deutschkolleg offers a high-quality German course program at favorable conditions.

Due to the homogeneous target group, the lessons progress quickly. All of our participants have at least a secondary school diploma in their home country, as well as experience in learning a foreign language.

During our courses there are regular performance reviews. A course level can be repeated once. Students who wish to start at an advanced level must take a placement test.

The quality standards of the Deutschkolleg include a high percentage of permanent teachers. Employees and freelancers of the Deutschkolleg have a degree with a linguistic focus and additional qualifications in the field of German as a foreign language.

The Deutschkolleg also promotes the continuing education of its staff. The teachers of the Deutschkolleg participate in regular teacher conferences and pedagogical days to further develop the content of the language courses offered by the Deutschkolleg.

The classrooms of the Deutschkolleg are located in the Ecumenical Center (Ökumenisches Zentrum) on the campus of the University of Stuttgart in Vaihingen. The Deutschkolleg cooperates informally with the universities in the Stuttgart area. There is a long-standing cooperation with the Language Center and the Department of Intercultural Education at the University of Stuttgart.

The Ecumenical Center offers foreign applicants and students a wide range of activities and support. These include the international meeting center at the Ecumenical Center, legal counseling, support with social and psychological problems, and an extensive cultural program.

The sponsor of the Deutschkolleg Stuttgart in the Ecumenical Center is the non-profit organization Verein zur Förderung ausländischer Studienbewerber und Studenten e.V. (Association for the Promotion of Foreign Study Applicants and Students).

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