Find your German course through our placement test.
Course Placement

Choose the correct course!

To get the most out of your course you need to choose the course that best suits your level of knowledge.

We will find the correct course for you through our placement test and a personal consultation meeting.

The Placement Test

The placement test consists of short fill-in-the-blanks texts of different levels of difficulty. It takes about 30 minutes.

The placement test gives us a first impression of your current level of German. A personal consultation meeting is held after the test.

The Consultation

During the consultation we can build a more exact picture of your knowledge of German and talk about your expectations and needs.


You'll receive a date for your placement test and personal consultation after online inscription.



The placement test (usually) takes place on Tuesdays at 02.00 pm at the Ecumumenical Center (1st Floor, Room 4).

Of course you can also make an individual appointment for your placement test.
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